The Funded Fx

The Funded FX: Launch Your Forex Career with Funded Capital

The Funded FX is a prop firm program designed to empower skilled forex traders with access to substantial capital. We provide a unique opportunity to trade real money without risking your own funds.

Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Fast Track to Funding: Our efficient evaluation process allows you to quickly demonstrate your trading abilities and gain access to funded accounts. (Specify your evaluation process briefly here – e.g., challenge phases, simulation accounts)
  • Competitive Capital: Trade with significant capital to amplify your potential profits. (Mention your starting capital range here)
  • Profit Sharing: Keep a substantial share of the profits you generate. (Specify your profit split percentage here)
  • Flexible Trading: Enjoy the freedom to develop and execute your own trading strategies within set risk parameters. ( Briefly mention your drawdown limits here)
  • Transparent Platform: Benefit from a robust and reliable trading platform with low latency and competitive spreads.
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The Funded Fx
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